Behind the Principles – Buy Into Your Culture and Values (The Brand)

Is everyone that reports to you on the same page?

Every successful team has like-mindedness.  They share the same values.  All of us have a set of cultural values.  They range from family to hard work, from merit to creativity, from empathy to honesty.  They are our basic values and give us purpose.  We refer to these values as “the brand.”  Put another way, the brand is what makes you turn off the snooze button every day, because you can’t wait to get to work.  It dictates that no phone rings more than three times in the office before someone picks it up. 

Simply put, this defines why we do what we do.  The brand should, but often does not, work in concert with what we do (the corporate mission or vision).  The first step toward success is to look within ourselves and determine who we are, what makes us tick, and what our true values are.  Then we must determine what we’re going to do with them.

While every organization has a brand, few employees can articulate what their brand is and what it means to them.  We help you evaluate your brand in a clear and concise manner and determine this essence.  Then, everyone must agree and commit.  They have to buy into the brand.  Only after commitment to the brand can we agree on the organization’s goals and objectives.  This is a critical piece of the process.  These values first have to be accepted by the leadership team (the buy in) before they communicate any goals and objectives to other employees.

These cultural values say “This is where we want to be; this is the best we can be.”  Top Gun Strategies assists organizations in making this vital mission a success.  Pride, respect, loyalty, excellence, esteem, tradition, leadership…all flow from that unique and valuable brand.  It is, indeed, the heartbeat of an organization.

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