Behind the Principles – Preparation

Are your people as prepared as a fighter pilot would be in accomplishing their mission?

A goal without a plan often is just a wish.

Preparation is a key component for your leadership team to reach the next level of performance.  If teams do not prepare correctly, they are setting themselves up for failure.  Our Top Gun instructors have designed several course components specifically to improve a team’s strategic development and preparation to achieve results.  These include several courses of action, decision briefs, action and milestone strategies, as well as specific plans for building trust and openness with team members.

Don’t wait until crisis situations or serious challenges to begin preparation.  Then it is too late.  Relentless preparation builds unconscious competence.  As a result, individuals will respond effectively to adversity without a second thought.  In a fast-paced environment, it is easy for leaders to fall into the “urgency over importance” mode.  Overemphasis on urgent matters results in neglect of important matters, contributing further to the reactive, crisis mode of operation.

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