Success Stories

Representative Client Listing
  • Barron’s Magazine
  • Cincinnati Insurance Group
  • Executive Forum — Leadership Program
  • IBM
  • ING National Honors Club
  • ING National Sales Conference
  • Merrill Lynch Investment Banking, Asia Rim
  • Merrill Lynch, Japan
  • Merrill Lynch, New York
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit — National Conference
  • Reader’s Digest Home Improvement Group
  • Skaugen PetroTrans, Inc
  • Smart Money Magazine
  • Texas Children’s Hospital
  • The Richmond Group, New York
  • The Richmond Group, London
  • The Wall Street Journal

  • The Richmond Group
    The Richmond Group, London

    “Thought-provoking issues for personal and team performance.  One of the best motivational presentations I have attended.”

  • The Wall Street Journal
    The Wall Street Journal

    “Tom comments go here”

  • Texas Children's Hospital
    Texas Children’s Hospital

    “A moving, interesting, motivating presentation.  It was thought provoking and inspiring to the organization.”

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