Leadership Development

Thought to consider: Are our leaders people we run through a wall for, or are they people we run through a wall with?

The three pillars of directing an organization’s culture and managing its growth are leadership, communication and teamwork.

Top Gun Strategies will guide you through a process designed to impart the knowledge and skills required and develop specific courses of action for success.

We will  help you create a communications plan for stakeholders and communicate the organization’s goals and objectives with one voice.

Preparation For Your Program
For our leadership development programs, we begin by setting in motion a series of carefully-designed preparation consultations with our clients. This extensive process takes place well before we actually step in front of the leadership group. Our thorough preparation helps us tailor a program to the client’s specific needs, goals and objectives.

Assemble a quality team
With your input, we help determine who are your best people and how they should function as a team. Top Gun Strategies focuses on the key ingredients that make up the leadership team. This seminar assists you in identifying the leaders and developing methods to improve their focus on your goals and objectives.

Buying into your culture and values (the brand)

Thought to consider: Is getting to be recognized as number one easier than staying number one?

We focus on getting your team on the same page. This program guides the leadership group to an understanding of what your core beliefs and values (the brand) are and how to agree and commit to them (the buy-in).

We will probe carefully into understanding the value of the brand (your corporate identity and reputation). Does the leadership team agree on (buy into) the brand’s value and how to improve it?

Strategic development and preparation

Thought to consider: Is preparation important in business? John Wooden, legendary basketball coach at UCLA, once told his players, “Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail”.

What is true preparation? How many times do we respond to the “urgent” needs of people (an action that is reactive)? True preparation can and should be proactive. We focus on preparing your team the way a fighter pilot would go about accomplishing a mission (strategy development and execution).

Briefing, debriefing and leadership communications

Thought to consider: Someone, somewhere is changing the game. Are you prepared to play?

In general, business does a poor job of briefing and debriefing. Every time we have a meeting, a presentation, a client call, a conference call, it is important that we brief and debrief. We examine setting objectives through collective preparation (briefing). A debriefing looks at “what went right” and “what we can do to improve”. This seminar sets in motion a method of evaluation of what happened and what was accomplished that is simple and direct. Learn how to conduct a debriefing that is non-confrontational and non-blaming. In our final area of instruction, we discuss your responsibility as a leader to communicate these results to others within your organization.


Thought to consider: How many times have we been asked to “think outside of the box”? Shouldn’t we first know “what’s inside the box”?

We help your team identify which processes need to be standardized and which do not. We help you determine a set of criteria for success which avoids duplication of errors and forms a springboard for constant improvement. We instruct how to train everyone in standard procedures so that when the unexpected arises they can forge productive, creative solutions.

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